Deer hunting at its finest – Saskatchewan

16 11 2009

For my graduation, my Dad and Step mom, Shari, brought me on an amazing deer hunting trip to Saskatchewan, Canada.  I had never been to Canada so for me it was a double-whammy; I got to deer hunt AND I got to travel to a new and exciting place.  We hunted in an area called “Pierceland”, which is in the Western part of the province, right next to Alberta.  As soon as we arrived, I knew it was going to be a great week.

We met our guide, Gary, at the outfitters home and then we followed him into the wilderness to our camp.  I was expecting a small shack or even an old trailer, but to my surprise, we arrived to an awesome camp house located right on a beautiful frozen lake.   The surrounding area was absolutely beautiful.  As a Florida boy, I haven’t seen snow in quite some years, so I was stoked to see the forest landscape with a touch of snow covering the ground.  The weather stayed absolutely perfect as well.  Although it was cold (really cold), there were clear blue skies everyday and it didn’t snow or rain on us once.

Beautiful Frozen Lake

Beautiful Frozen Lake

The week went along smoothly as we hunted all day, every day and then went back to the camp at night where we spent it with some real characters.  Shari’s father, Bobby, came as well along with his long-time friend, Cliff, who looks like a “more compact version of Urban Meyer” as my Dad would say.  They are great guys and after they’ve had a few drinks provide the stand-up comedy for the night.  Along with Gary, his wife, Shannon, worked there as well as the cook.  I probably ate more there than I have in the last month.  The other guide was Leon, who is a Cree Indian.  He had some interesting stories of life on the reservation as well living in the woods of Saskatchewan his entire life.

The week went along and on Wednesday came the relative massacre.  My Dad, Shari, and Cliff all killed deer on this day.  My Dad’s was deer was so cool looking!  He had weird knobs and points all over his antlers which gave him tons of character.  Shari arrowed a really nice 9-pointer with her bow, as she taught the men how to do it.  Cliff also shot a really nice older 11-point that anyone would be proud of.  After that, it was just me and Bobby.

Dad's big buck

Dad's big buck

Shari's awesome 9-pointer

Shari's awesome 9-pointer

Thursday morning came and I just had a feeling that it would be the day.  I got to my stand before daylight and sat quietly for the day to begin.  As the sun crept into my field, I started seeing some does which were looking awfully weary of something just inside the tree line.  A few moments later, I saw a big bodied deer appear in the corner of the field and after looking at it through my binoculars, I knew it was my deer.  I slowly raised my gun, found the big deer in the scope, took a deep breath, and pulled the trigger.  The bullet it right in the neck of the woodland beast and it hit the ground with the blink of an eye.  I was so excited, I could barely contain myself.  After waiting awhile, I walked across the field to check out my trophy.

My buck (and my ridiculous beard)

My buck (and my ridiculous beard)

The week finished up and four out of five of us killed really nice deer; Bobby went home empty-handed.  We made the long trip back to Edmonton and jet-set back to the States.  We said our goodbyes and we all went our different ways.  All in all, it was a fantastic trip.  Not only did I get to spend time with my family in one of the most beautiful places on earth, I also got to kill a really nice 10-point buck.  I will always remember this trip and really hope I get to return again in a hunting season soon to come.




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